Can Psychics See Their Own Future?

During a divine session, lots of the so-called Psychics will give us future predictions. At that time, they will reveal to us when we’ll get a new job, when we’ll reunite with our partner, when we’ll get pregnant, and all types of things. These holy readers prefer to look at their crystal balls, and then foresee all things that can happen to us in the next months or even years from now.

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So, when did the art of fortune telling and divination begin? Maybe it was the first time humans asked the questions with WHY. Throughout mans’ history, there are many signs of astrological divination. The Aztecs, Incas, Chinese, and Egyptians all made use of the heavens to foresee the far-off scenarios. Dream interpretation, visions, and prophecy tend to appear in the Old as well as New Testaments of the Bible. Almost all of the divinatory systems often embrace and utilize the symbols associated with different religions.

Why A Psychic Cannot See Her Own Future?

Can Psychics See Their Own Future?

Psychics spend their whole lives in learning how to well disconnect from the day-to-day hustle and bustle to fully gain a state of consciousness which allows them to interpret something invisible for their customers and make incredible predictions of what is to come. While they do inevitably read for clients, it is likely to work best as they have no personal history or connection with the sitters, which may influence or cloud the entire reading.

Like anyone else all over the globe, mystics also own the same human frailties. Hence, it is not hard to understand why they tend to rationalize away what they don’t wish to perceive. Plus, they can find it much easier to interpret any personal situation which isn’t attached emotionally to the info they get. The ability to step back, detach, and see the truth seems to be highly tough when it comes to their own future. That is why psychics can read for others and not for themselves.

Moreover, it is rare that these sacred advisors are 100% accurate as they often receive info in images, bits and pieces, smells, feelings, and sounds. Then, they must take advantage of their potential intuition to put these pieces together. Like a jigsaw puzzle, it is difficult for us to get the full picture or we can even misinterpret all of its symbols in case 1 or 2 pieces are missing. During a reading, our queries and affirmations help the psychic to get a more complete and accurate picture of the whole situation. Hence, never be shy about inquiring what she is telling you.

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